Privacy policy of Filimundus 

About us

It is very important for us at Filimundus to respect the privacy of our users. Our Privacy Policy, described here, was last updated in December 2022 and describes what information we collect and how we use it. The information in the Policy could be subject to frequent updates, depending on new apps we release or law changes.

Filimundus creates apps for all ages, including children and parents. We are a dedicated team located in Stockholm, Sweden and we strive to do apps that are empowering, developing and fun.

The privacy of children

First of all - we never ask our users for any personal information except in the parent sections of the apps where the user can, if they will, enter their e-mail address to get information from us. 

We don’t use third-party ads in our apps or on our website but we do cross promote our apps, in different ways. We share information about them in our apps, on our website and in other places. 

In some of our apps players can play together. To identify themselves they can enter a name. This name is then shared to the other player making progress and game data shared. This is the only personal data that is being stored and shared with other players, but it is up to the player to use a different name if they please.

The information we collect

When a player is using our apps we track and collect information levels they have completed, time spent and things that we can use to make the games better. The data is totally anonymous, but it helps us to do better games. 

In some of our apps the information about game progress will be shared with the parent so the parent can become more engaged with the child. For instance, if the child finishes a level or accomplish something we might send an email to the parent informing about the accomplishment. No data is shared with another third-party.

Some of our game data in our apps or on our website is handled by third party providers such as Google Analytics, Firebase or Amazon Web Services. In association with them, we may collect your unique device identifier, IP address, mobile phone carrier, game progress, time spent playing, achievements and for bug and crash reports. This information is for internal use only and can´t be shared. It is just for us to make the games better.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us at


We use analytics tools to better understand the use of our website, mostly used by parents. We use cookies and anonymous identifiers to collect information and help target advertising. We never combine this information with any personally identifiable information you may have submitted on the website.  

You can always deny the use of cookies by configuring your browser or reject cookies.

How to remove your information

We keep the user data as long as necessary, but not longer than that. If you want to remove your information, please contact us at

Filimundus Team